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Time Magazine
Best Inventions of 2018

3D Printing an End to Homelessness. Earlier this year, Texas startup ICON turned heads after building a 350-sq.-ft. dwelling in 48 hours from start to finish. Its not-so-secret weapon: the Vulcan 3-D printer, a groundbreaking machine that erects the basic structure of a home, layer by layer, from concrete—at a fraction of the material and labor costs of traditional methods.

Best of What’s New 2018
100 Greatest Innovations: Vulcan Printed Housing by ICON & New Story

In El Salvador, erecting a house can take weeks. A new large-scale 3-D printer from building startup ICON could construct a one-story, two-bedroom, 650-square-foot home in a day for about $4,000. 

The Wall Street Journal
Welcome to Your 3-D Printed Home

The construction industry has remained essentially unchanged since the invention of the nail gun. But can a labor shortage force builders to embrace technology? In this episode, how drones, automation and prefabrication are changing housing.

The Verge
This cheap 3D-printed home is a start for the 1 billion who lack shelter

It’s almost cliché that tech innovations happen in the high-end, for-profit segment long before they filter down to the masses, where innovation could serve the greatest social good. ICON and New Story are challenging that premise...

ICON 3D-Printed House

You can 3D print just about anything these days and now you can add a house to the list. The first of its kind, the Icon 3D-Printed House was spawned from the desire to provide shelter for the 1 billion people on the planet that don't have a place to call home. A collaboration with the non-profit New Story, the structures will be printed on a mobile printer called the Vulcan. It not only has the ability to produce an 800 square foot home but can do so in less than 24 hours and for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. While the main goal is to help solve the global housing crisis, they also plan to use local labor, creating jobs in the process.

Fast Company
This House can be 3d-printed for $4,000

In rural El Salvador, a family living on $1.90 a day might live in a makeshift house with dirt floors, thin walls, and no running water. But next year, dozens of those families will move into one of the world’s first communities of 3D-printed homes...

The Quest to Bring 3d-Printed Homes to the Developing World

...For the past 10 months, New Story has tinkered away with construction technology company ICON to design a 3-D printer for building homes in regions of the world that lack the economic resources to house their poorest citizens. Today, the companies are showing off the fruits of their labor: an 800-square-foot structure in Austin, Texas, and the first 3-D printed house in the country built to local housing code....

Huffington Post
This $10,000 3D Printed Home Could Provide Cheap Housing For Millions

...Why does it cost so little? Well because almost all of it has been 3D printed by a robot. Using the Vulcan industrial 3D printer, the team were able to digitally send the building plans to the printer and then sit back as it printed the single storey 650-foot home out of concrete.....

These Tiny $10K 3D-Printed Houses Can Be Build Anywhere in Under 24 Hours

...It's tough to give a cement-walled setup much personality, but this one looks surprisingly inviting (the dramatic lighting certainly doesn't hurt, either). It's also incredibly versatile, sustainable, and exponentially affordable, as ICON's co-founder Jason Ballard notes in a press release: "With 3D printing, you not only have a continuous thermal envelope, high thermal mass, and near zero-waste, but you also have speed, a much broader design palette, next-level resiliency, and the possibility of a quantum leap in affordability. This isn’t 10% better, it’s 10 times better.”....

The Daily Dot
The 3D-Printed Home Isn't A Gimmick–It's A Solution To Homelessness

...The proof-of-concept shown at SXSW sits in the backyard of a quiet neighborhood in Austin’s east side. I took a brief tour of the building and came away impressed. The cold, hard walls felt sturdy and the room sizes are adequate, more so than the tiny homes millennials popularized over the past few years. I’m no designer, but I find the home to have good curb appeal with its modern Southwestern aesthetic.....

IFL Science
A Robot Can Build This $10,000 House Within 12 Hours – Take A Look Inside

...New Story and ICON designed this house for people in the developing world. They say the 3D-printing process costs much less, is quicker, and produces less waste than traditional construction.....

Architectural Digest
New Story Unveils First 3-D-Printed Home

...New Story and ICON insist that 3-D printing homes is more than a novelty—it allows a superior product to be created with significantly less waste and more resilience, and it will become a useful long-term tool for communities like those New Story is serving. When 3-D printing a home, a precise amount of concrete is extruded from the printer, negating the excess waste material that is par for the course in building projects and trucked off to the landfill post-construction. It's also quick—a New Story home can be created in 12 to 24 hours. Ballard also notes that a home printed using ICON's technology has a tightly sealed envelope—prime for insulation—and top-notch resilience, crucial for tropical nations like Haiti that are often hit by storms....

Austin Business Journal
Austin Startup Catches SXSW's Eye with 3D-Printed Tiny Home That Costs Less Than a Car

...the East Austin home showcases a versatile template that could be applied to a wide variety of housing types beyond quickly constructing affordable homes in impoverished areas. Le Roux designed a large 3D printer he calls the Vulcan that can churn out all manner of shapes and sizes on top of a traditional slab foundation. It works by zooming back and forth on tracks over the home site, squirting out the concrete in layer after layer, reaching up to the height of the full house....