Introducing the Vulcan II.

What if you could download and print a house for half the cost?

With the Vulcan II printer we’ve developed the 3D printing robotics, software, and advanced materials capable of 3D printing entire communities with up to 2,000 square foot homes. Using this technology, we can print a custom home, and we can do it quicker, with less waste, and at a lower cost than traditional homebuilding methods.

This is not science fiction, this is science fact.


World's First 3D-Printed Community Unveiled

In partnership with New Story, ICON unveiled the first homes of the world's first 3D-printed community in Tabasco, Mexico. The homes will be granted to local families currently living in extreme poverty and makeshift, unsafe shelter.

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Housing doesn’t have to be a crisis.

Homebuilding hasn’t significantly changed since the middle ages. These antiquated methods of building are inefficient, wasteful, and expensive. We founded ICON because we knew there was a better way. Through our technology, we are able to provide sustainable solutions to a number of our world’s most pressing issues including homelessness in the developing world and the exorbitant cost of housing.

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Using proprietary 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials, ICON is solving a plurality of problems in the contemporary building industry with their breakthrough technologies.
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