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The World’s First 3D-Printed Community to Break Ground This Year

By Brooke Bauguess

ICON and New Story partner to make history in Latin America.

New Story has partnered with ICON to create the world’s first 3D-printed community. The project breaks ground this year and will utilize ICON’s newly unveiled Vulcan technology making homes affordable, resilient and sustainable and delivering them in a fraction of the time. The community in Latin America will serve families without access to adequate housing.

The community, when finished later this year, will house more than 400 individuals. The home recipients are hardworking families - many who are supported as brickmakers as their occupation. This is often compared to modern-day slavery as the physical labor is extremely taxing, they work very long hours and pay next to nothing. The average family in the community is four individuals who are living on less than $200 per month. Families are being involved in the home and community design process by speaking into the designs before construction begins.