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Overland Partners and 3Strands 3D Printed Home Design Challenge

By Brooke Bauguess

With the Vulcan 3D printer for homes in mind, Overland launched a competition to design prototype home concepts.

3Strands announces its early partnership with ICON to explore architectural and design concepts that could be delivered by the Vulcan 3D printer for homes. “ICON is leading the way on truly transformational approaches to how we build homes,” said Gary O’Dell, CEO and co-founder of 3Strands. “The Vulcan, and other innovations, will allow us to drive down the costs of building and operating new homes and, in turn, reduce the stress of housing in people’s lives.”

3Strands is teaming up with architecture firm, Overland Partners, by sponsoring a design contest for their world-class architects to imagine the possibilities for what the Vulcan II can do. The winning designs will help shape the way they think about future projects. The public will select a winning design the week of March 11. 3Strands aims for its future neighborhoods to deliver lower-cost, sustainable housing that leverages ICON’s 3D printing technology. 3Strands goal is to promote belonging by building clusters of homes with shared spaces and programming that fosters healthier relationships.

On the community developments: “We are also deeply passionate about restoring the sense of neighborhoods and healthy relationships that can develop there. When we are known and loved by those around us, we have a sense of belonging that is foundational to who we are as humans. Through shared spaces and tailored programming, we will foster healthier relationships.”

Overland Partners is an architecture firm based in San Antonio recognized for its projects across Texas, throughout the United States and around the globe. Overland was recruited by 3Strands as their design partner to explore design solutions that use disruptive, innovative technology to fundamentally change the way we build homes. This collaboration not only intends to provide beautiful, sustainable, affordable homes but also sets a new paradigm for addressing the bigger picture of housing needs and establishing a sense of community and neighborhood.

Over the last several weeks, Overland launched an internal competition to design prototype concepts for 3Strands to consider as direction for their future neighborhood. With ICON’s Vulcan technology in mind, twelve design teams from Overland were tasked with designing an affordable, single-family home that helps to address the loneliness epidemic by facilitating natural, informal interactions with neighbors and building community. Throughout the process, the design teams considered variables such as site orientation, ecology, energy efficiency, water management, material selection, resilience and adaptability to provide the best design solutions as possible.

Check out the presentations for each contest finalist:

Team Fluid and Formless

Team: AZA

Team: It's Texas Baby