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ICON’s Receives Honors From Fast Company’s “Brands That Matter”

By Brooke Bauguess

Awards list honors brands that communicate and demonstrate brand purpose and who have achieved relevance through cultural impact and social engagement

Announced today, ICON has been named an honoree in Fast Company’s second annual “Brands That Matter” list! ICON matters because housing matters.

Fast Company writes that ICON is a company whose “results punch above their weight” and who “has forged their own path in distinct areas–from standing up for employees to homebuilding innovation.”

Fast Company’s “Brands That Matter” list is an extension of the company’s broad-reaching mission and seeks to commemorate companies and nonprofits that have altered the corporate landscape by infusing it with unique takes on culture, social engagement, and purpose while simultaneously creating timeless content that positively impacts our communities.

The Brands That Matter list recognizes 145 brands across 24 categories that have trailblazed and defined what it means to be an impactful company in an ever-changing world. All of the companies on this list have succeeded in devising a way to forge an intimate connection with the public.

ICON is proud to be included among such ingenious changemakers. It is our mission to develop advanced construction technologies in service to humanity in order to solve great problems and pursue grand opportunities. We exist as a response to the global housing crisis. Construction-scale 3D printing not only delivers higher-quality homes faster and more affordably, but fleets of printers can change the way that entire communities are built for the better. The U.S. faces a deficit of 5 million new homes and worldwide there are 1.2 billion humans that lack adequate shelter. There is a profound need to swiftly increase supply without compromising quality, beauty, or sustainability and that is exactly the strength of ICON's technology.

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