Meet ICON’s next generation Vulcan construction system.

Designed and engineered from the ground up for volume 3D printing of homes with precision and speed.

Robotic ConstructionRobotic Construction

Robotic Construction

The large-scale construction 3D printer is 1.5x larger, 2x faster and capable of printing homes and structures up to 3,000 square feet. The Vulcan can produce resilient, single-story homes faster than conventional methods and with less waste and more design freedom.

Total Width46.5 feet
Total Height15.5 feet
Weight9500 lbs
Voltage230/240 V single phase
Print Height10.5 feet
Print Width36.5 feet
Print LengthInfinite
Print Speed5-10"/sec
Material Mixing & PumpingMagma System
Required ConcreteLavacrete
Digitally Native Digitally Native

Digitally Native

ICON's tablet-based operating system controls every aspect of print operations via an intuitive, simple, and beautiful user interface. The operating system translates floor plans into print jobs and then directs both Vulcan and Magma, using real-time data down to the millisecond, to produce the highest quality printed structures in the world. From its powerful CAD and print planning to enabling machine learning and predictive analytics for Vulcan robots, this advanced software brings construction into the 21st century.

Mix Master

Magma is the first end-to-end automated material delivery system for use in 3D-printed additive construction. The Magma system feeds Vulcan printers with ICON’s advanced material, Lavacrete. Using any of ICON's proprietary Lavacrete blends, the Magma system mixes Lavacrete, additives, and water automatically, depending on current site weather conditions, then supplies the ready-to-print Lavacrete to the Vulcan. Smart and working in perfect sync with a Vulcan printer on site, a Magma takes the guesswork out of complex, high-performance cementitious material.

Magma 2.4.1Magma 2.4.1
Rock Solid ScienceRock Solid Science

Rock Solid Science

ICON’s proprietary Lavacrete can be printed at high speeds while retaining form, enabling homes to be built faster, while keeping construction projects on schedule and on budget. Dynamically mixed based on location using real time weather conditions and print needs, Lavacrete creates homes and structures with a single building material that will last longer than traditional construction materials and methods. As a high strength concrete boasting a compressive strength of 2,000 - 3,500 psi, Lavacrete can withstand extreme weather and greatly reduce the impact of natural disasters, while providing maximum efficiency.