Alex Le RouxAlex Le Roux

Alex Le Roux

Co-founder and CTO, ICON

Alex Le Roux is the co-founder and CTO of ICON, the construction technologies company leading the way into the future of human shelter and homebuilding using 3D printing, robotics, software and advanced materials.

Le Roux oversees ICON’s technological vision and strategy for its paradigm-shifting innovations which has garnered such accolades as TIME’s Best Inventions, Popular Science 100 Greatest Innovations, Fast Company’s World-Changing Ideas and landed him on entrepreneurial lists such as Forbes 30 Under 30 and MIT’s Under 35.

ICON is continually setting new standards for delivering resilient, dignified housing at high-speed and lower cost.  Raising $266 million to date in funding, ICON has delivered communities of 3D-printed homes in the U.S. and internationally and forged partnerships with world-renowned architects, builders and housing organizations. In fall 2020, ICON was awarded a research contract through the Air Force, which included funding from NASA to begin research and development of an off-world construction system planned to support future exploration of the Moon and beyond. 

Prior to co-founding ICON, Alex began his career by co-founding Vesta Printers where their mission was building large-scale, affordable 3D printers that bring automation and customization to the construction industry. This venture then led to Le Roux joining forces with long-time entrepreneurs and business leaders, Evan Loomis and Jason Ballard, to co-found ICON.

Le Roux graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering. He resides in Austin, TX.