Humanity has Been Building Homes
with Sticks and Bricks for Millennia

It's Time for an Upgrade

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ICON 3D-printed Homes

Homes Built for
the 21st Century

ICON’s high-performance 3D-printed homes use modern materials, engineering, and robotics to create incredibly strong homes that are safer and more resilient.

The Benefits of an ICON Home

Designed to Withstand
Extreme Weather

ICON homes are designed to withstand extreme weather and can withstand damaging winds and flying debris better than conventional homes.

ICON’s specially formulated cement forms walls that are resistant to water, mold, termites, and fire damage, greatly reducing the impact of natural disasters.

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Nacajuca exterior
The Benefits of an ICON Home

Strength + Durability

The printed ICON wall system exceeds building code design requirements by over 350%.

As a testament of its strength and durability, ICON Homes printed in Nacajuca, Mexico withstood a 7.4 magnitude earthquake during summer 2020.

Energy Efficient

Advanced Materials
Create Comfort

ICON’s thick printed walls provide better insulation compared to conventional construction. These printed cement walls decrease the home’s temperature fluctuations in the summer and winter or during extreme weather events. This means lower energy consumption and lower energy bills.

The physical mass of the ICON wall system not only creates an energy-efficient home but also deadens sound creating a cozy home environment.

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ICON homes are created by some of the most renowned architects and designers in the world. 3D printing allows these architectural minds to innovate in ways that are simply not possible with traditional construction.

Walls can be printed in a variety of shapes, patterns, and textures to create unique homes that are both stunningly beautiful and completely livable. This extreme level of design expertise and craft is a standard feature of all ICON homes.

Advanced Architecture

Digitally Native

An ICON Home uses digitally native architecture, meaning advanced home designs can be created, tested, and validated before construction ever begins. This digital approach means architecture can edited right up to the point where the home is printed by ICON’s robotic construction system.

Need to move a door or add another window?

Not a problem with a digital construction system powered by ICON’s BuildOS software suite.

Digitally native
Robotic construction
Advanced Construction

Precise Robotic Construction

With automated construction, you’re able to deliver a home’s full wall system with extreme accuracy and reduced waste compared to traditional construction. Construction waste from building the average American home is equivalent to 4 tons. Our system puts down only the material you need.

Home Reservations
Begin 2023