Vulcan 3D PrinterVulcan 3D Printer
ICON Team 2019-03-11

Introducing the Vulcan 3D Printer for Homes

The Vulcan 3D home printer will begin shipping next month to print homes in the U.S. and Latin America

We have been hard at work developing the next generation of our technology and are thrilled to unveil the next generation Vulcan printer today and announce we will begin shipping them next month and working with new partners in 2020.

The Vulcan is ready to move out of ICON’s lab and into the world next month to begin its very good work of delivering affordable, resilient dignified housing around the world. The Vulcan is the first printer of its kind in that it has the capability of printing homes in which people actually want to live. It can be operated by anyone with basic training thanks to the improvements in automation, mechatronics and a suite of specialized software.

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