Project Olympus

Space-based construction system to support future exploration of the Moon

It's time to return...this time to stay.It's time to return...this time to stay.

It's time to return...this time to stay.

Building humanity’s first home on another world will be one of the most ambitious construction projects in recorded human history and push technology, engineering, science and architecture to literal new heights.

Jason Ballard, ICON Co-founder/CEO
Project Olympus ArchitectureProject Olympus Architecture
Project Partnership

Project Olympus Architecture

ICON has engaged two award-winning architecture firms as partners for the audacious project: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, renowned for their iconic international architecture and SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture), a company recognized on a global scale for their innovative ‘human-centered’ designs for space exploration.


The answers to our challenges on Earth very well might be found on the Moon.

Bjarke Ingels, BIG Founder/Creative Director

3D printing with materials found on the Moon is a sustainable and versatile solution to off-world construction.

SEArch+ co-founders