ICON was founded to revolutionize homebuilding and making dignified housing the standard for people throughout the world. Using proprietary 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials, ICON is solving a plurality of problems in the contemporary building industry with their breakthrough technologies.

Role: ICON Construction Project Manager

Reports to:  Head of Homebuilding

Vacation:  2 Weeks Paid

Travel Requirements:  <10% (2-4 weeks) 

Start Date:  Summer 2020

Location:  Austin, TX

Education:  5+ years’ experience in residential construction project management

DESCRIPTION: ICON is seeking a Construction Project Manager to plan an integral role in building some of the world’s first 3D-printed houses. The ideal individual would have a minimum of 5+ years of project management experience in the residential construction industry and should have a comprehensive understanding of the entire construction process from dirt to C/O. This individual will work as a member of the Homebuilding Team and will liaise internally with the Print Team, and externally with clients, architects, subcontractors, and City of Austin Inspectors/Administrators. This individual must be able to manage full construction projects, including, plans, bids, schedule, quality control, inspections, and completion. Most importantly, the ideal applicant will be an enthusiastic member of a dynamic startup team which is doing work to solve one of humanity's biggest challenges.


  • Communication – Quarterback communication, including coordination between: Client, Architect, Engineers, Purchaser, Superintendent, consultants, and the ICON team.
  • Scope of Work – Develop detailed Scope of Work to send to subs for bid.
  • Bids – Obtain and organize bids from trades. Indicate preferred subs and rationale for working with each. 
  • Coordinate Finish Pricing – Work with Purchaser to develop accurate pricing for finishes.
  • Value Engineering – Assist with value engineering when applicable. 
  • Specifications – In concert with architect and designer, finalize project specification package.
  • Subcontractor Scope – Ensure 100% clarity between ICON and subs regarding what work is being performed in exchange for the specified compensation. 


  • Management – If applicable, manage superintendent(s) and any other direct reports.
  • Project Schedule – Own the project schedule, including confirming that all rough and finish materials are ordered and delivered at the right time and that trades are coordinated with no delays. Actively determine ways to compress project timeline.
  • Plans/Specs – Responsibility for ensuring accuracy of plans.
  • Coordinate Subs – Schedule trades onsite to ensure there are no unnecessary delays. This includes coordination of the Print Team.
  • Budget – Keep project on-budget.
  • Architect Coordination – Be the primary ICON point of contact for the architect(s). 
  • Source Materials – Source specialty materials.
  • Anticipate Problems – Determine problems/issues that could lead to reduplication of work.
  • Quality Control – Regularly review subcontractor work, and require corrections when work fails to cohere with plans, specs, code, or ICON expectations.
  • Bills/Receipts – Ensure all PO’s, invoices, and receipts are accurate, properly submitted. 
  • Maintain Records – Keep paperwork organized, including: plans, specifications, permits, inspection corrections, delivery slips, manuals, etc. All paperwork should have a dedicated home. Upload all pertinent project files to PM software and share progress with the ICON team.
  • Inspections – Call inspections and/or ensure they are called.
  • Client Interface – Day-to-day interface with client. 


  • Experience managing construction projects. 
  • Prior residential construction management experience in the City of Austin strongly preferred.
  • A proven track record of organization and orderliness.
  • “First to arrive, last to leave” leadership mentality.
  • Proven ability to anticipate next steps.
  • Degree in Construction Science preferred, but not required.
  • Personality type that “sweats the small stuff.” (ie. An eye for detail)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Spanish proficiency preferred, but not required.
  • Ability to prioritize and stay cool in a dynamic start-up environment.

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Using proprietary 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials, ICON is solving a plurality of problems in the contemporary building industry with their breakthrough technologies.
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