Now Hiring

Senior Software Engineer

ICON is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our platform team, responsible for transforming floor plans and homeowner/builder selections into complete human and machine instruction sets to build homes using our automated construction system. We are looking for an open-minded, structured thinker who is able to deep dive into building code, structural engineering, architectural design, thermal and mechanical modeling, and construction techniques—and then convert those rules and processes into dynamic software that can scale to tackle the global housing crisis.

On a typical day you will collaborate with scientists, engineers, and professionals across various disciplines to bring active construction projects to life and find ways to streamline and automate the process of construction planning and design. Your work will enable the efforts of professionals in the construction ecosystem to be multiplied such that we can build homes at a scale, quality, and cost not previously possible.

You’ll get the opportunity to work with some of the world’s top engineering and creative professionals to build a new technology ecosystem from the ground up. There is virtually no legacy in our tech stack, so we are building new systems instead of servicing technical debt. As a result, a significant portion of your time will be spent pushing the limits of what is possible in construction automation, and improving our end product for developers, builders, and homeowners.

The Role

As a senior software engineer on the platform team, you will have the opportunity to apply your strong technical experience building dynamic software that automates repetitive design, engineering, and project management work. You must enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and be able transform vague and poorly-defined human tasks into automated solutions. You are motivated by solving challenging problems, where creativity and communication are as crucial as your ability to write code.

We expect you to bring the following to this role:

  • Significant professional experience as a software engineer

  • A BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

  • Experience building platforms, micro-services, and APIs

  • Experience managing other technical team members on large projects

  • A willingness to accept failure, learn and try again and an open mind to try solutions that may seem impossible at first

  • A passion for learning new disciplines and gaining a deep understanding of how other professionals do their work

  • An ability to communication clearly and succinctly both in-person and via written asynchronous channels

It’s preferred, but not required, that you have:

  • Node.js and TypeScript experience, with a functional programming approach preferred

  • Experience with architecture, drafting, homebuilding, or building science

  • Experience building tools and services that leverage three-dimensional trigonometry to calculate and analyze shapes and/or tool paths

The Team

We’re a team from a diverse set of backgrounds, countries, and experiences and believe our diversity makes us stronger as we tackle some of the hardest hitting problems of our time. The technical problems we are working on at ICON are super hard, requiring specialists in mechanical engineering, robotic control systems, structural engineering, material science, architecture, building science, construction, and software all working together. Our team is full of ridiculously-smart folks from places like MIT, NASA, Tesla, and Caterpillar - some with science and engineering PhDs and others with more eclectic degrees like vocal jazz and psychology. This breadth of lived experience combined with the depth of individual knowledge on our team gives us the ability to think differently and find solutions others might miss.

The Mission

Every startup wants to change the world, but we truly believe we’re not being hyperbolic when we say this technology has the potential to reinvent human shelter, dramatically improving quality and resiliency while driving down costs to make housing affordable for everyone. We believe in harnessing the power of construction technology for the good of all humanity, both here on Earth and off-world (you heard that right). And while we get excited about R&D accomplishments in the lab, we get more excited when we see our work out in the real world printing real homes for for real people.

We work hard because we know what we are doing has potential to reshape the way we live as a species. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s super fun. Where else do you get to play with giant robots and see the results of your work manifest in beautiful full-scale buildings that didn’t exist before—and that someone can now call home?

Sound good? Let's do this.