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Print Technician

ICON’s Print Technicians are directly responsible for realizing ICON’s mission of making dignified housing accessible to everyone and advance humanity with our technology through the support and operation of the printer in the field. No two days are the same for ICON’s Build Operations team as you implement innovative construction methods and build the homes of the future. Your first four weeks will be spent training both in the lab and in the field to ensure the successful operation of systems. This role is based at ICON’s Austin, TX lab and includes frequent travel to sites locally, nationally, and internationally. 



  • Operate and support large-scale concrete 3D printers. 
  • Interact with various 3D printing subsystems: pumps, hoses, electrical equipment, motors, controls, and software.
  • Monitor and interpret all variables and functions of printer operations, troubleshooting and escalating as needed. 
  • Ensure safe and efficient operations of all systems. 
  • Support auxiliary functions on the print site such as staging and installing and the demolition of test prints. 
  • Work with your assigned print team to support company objectives and goals. 
  • Manage and maintain all required tools and equipment.
  • Domestic travel required.



  • Interest in regularly working outdoors on a print site. 
  • Willingness to perform a mix of manual tasks on the print site and in the lab. 
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills.
  • Desire to work in a team setting.
  • Self-motivation to investigate and implement new ideas, and proactive in overcoming obstacles.
  • Ability to prioritize and adapt in dynamic work environments.
  • Able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Willingness to work in various outdoor environments: temps over 100 degrees or below freezing, sun, rain, mud, lack of electricity, etc.
  • Willingness to work on repetitive tasks daily. 
  • Ability to travel outside of Austin, TX for multiple weeks at a time.
  • Ability to work nights and weekends. 
  • Ability to work on your feet for the majority of the day.
  • Ability to work in Austin, TX and surrounding areas (up to 50 miles).
  • Proficient or fluent in English.



  • Technical degree, professional certification, or prior experience in construction, technology or a related field is a plus but is not required.  
  • Previous experience working in the field is a plus but is not required. 
  • Prior experience operating heavy machinery is a plus but is not required. 
  • OSHA certification is a plus but is not required.  
ICON is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering an innovative, inclusive, diverse and discrimination-free work environment. Employment with ICON is based on merit, competence, and qualifications. It is our policy to administer all personnel actions, including recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting employees, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected classification in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Consistent with the obligations of these laws, ICON will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities.

Furthermore, as a federal government contractor, the Company maintains an affirmative action program which furthers its commitment and complies with recordkeeping and reporting requirements under certain federal civil rights laws and regulations, including Executive Order 11246, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (as amended) and the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (as amended).

Headhunters and recruitment agencies may not submit candidates through this application. ICON does not accept unsolicited headhunter and agency submissions for candidates and will not pay fees to any third-party agency without a prior agreement with ICON.

As part of our compliance with these obligations, the Company invites you to voluntarily self-identify as set forth below. Provision of such information is entirely voluntary and a decision to provide or not provide such information will not have any effect on your employment or subject you to any adverse treatment. Any and all information provided will be considered confidential, will be kept separate from your application and/or personnel file, and will only be used in accordance with applicable laws, orders and regulations, including those that require the information to be summarized and reported to the federal government for civil rights enforcement purposes.

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Solving one of the most challenging problems humanity faces requires a level of diversity across disciplines. ICON believes that by being a non-homogenous organization, we can capture unique perspectives, educational backgrounds, and ideation. We strive to be inclusive and seek team members who share our passion for the mission within the mission: building robust and diverse teams to help us prevail in the face of our challenges.

We‘re a team of varied backgrounds, countries, and experiences, and we believe our differences make us stronger as we tackle some of the most challenging problems of our time.


Every startup wants to change the world, but we genuinely believe we’re not being hyperbolic when we say this technology has the potential to reinvent human shelter, dramatically improving quality and resiliency while driving down costs to make housing affordable for everyone. We believe in harnessing the power of construction technology for the good of all humanity, both here on Earth and off-world. And while we get excited about R&D accomplishments in the lab, we get more excited when we see our work out in the real world, printing real homes for real people.

We work hard because we know what we are doing can reshape the way we live as a species. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s super fun. Where else do you get to play with giant robots and see the results of your work manifest in beautiful full-scale buildings that didn’t exist before—and that someone can now call home?