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Director, Robotic Autonomy

ICON is looking for a Director of Mobile Robotic Autonomy. This role is based at ICON’s Austin, TX campus and will report to the VP of Strategic R&D on ICON’s Technology team.



  • Build a team of engineers to build robotic systems capable of revolutionizing the way homes and cities are built.
  • Build and manage a team of software engineers, as well as being accountable as a subject matter expert and an individual contributor while building a team around the skillset.
  • Lead ICON’s mobile autonomous robotic software efforts for terrestrial construction-- a vision of neighborhoods and cities built by robots and drones.
  • Choose the technical direction of the team to satisfy internal stakeholder requirements.
  • Report team progress at weekly, quarterly, and yearly cadence to the VP of Strategic R&D.



  • BS degree in mechanical, electrical, or mechatronic engineering (or similar) with 6+ years of industry experience.
  • 4+ years of industry experience with the programming and control systems required to develop and operate mobile systems for robotic delivery including autonomous perception, navigation, and control, in real-world commercially viable environments.
  • Must be able to design robotic control systems capable of overcoming obstacles encountered on job sites, and adapt to non-structured environments similar to the challenges posed to self-driving autonomous vehicles.
  • Industrial robotics and experience with additive and subtractive technologies are required, however the role requires task-based servicing of job-site automations that are unstructured and multidisciplinary in nature.
  • An understanding of robotic actuation (motors + geartrains), control systems, and robotic electrical systems.
  • Experience using ROS (Robot Operating System) or similar frameworks for robotic perception, navigation, control, and actuation of real world, commercially viable robotic systems.
  • Experience managing teams of engineers for on-time product delivery.




  • Masters degree in computer science, or related field. 
  • 6+ years of industry experience.
  • Substantial experience in robotic system design within the following: mining, industrial, military, exploration, or another closely related field, in production environments built for scale.


ICON is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering an innovative, inclusive, and discrimination-free work environment. Employment with ICON is based on  merit, competence, and qualifications. We provide employment opportunities without regard to age, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), genetic trait, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic in accordance with applicable law. If there are accommodations we can make to help ensure you have a comfortable and positive interview experience, please let us know.
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Solving one of the most challenging problems humanity faces requires a level of diversity across disciplines. ICON believes that by being a non-homogenous organization, we can capture unique perspectives, educational backgrounds, and ideation. We strive to be inclusive and seek team members who share our passion for the mission within the mission: building robust and diverse teams to help us prevail in the face of our challenges. 

We're a team of varied backgrounds, countries, and experiences, and we believe our differences make us stronger as we tackle some of the most challenging problems of our time.


Every startup wants to change the world, but we genuinely believe we're not being hyperbolic when we say this technology has the potential to reinvent human shelter, dramatically improving quality and resiliency while driving down costs to make housing affordable for everyone. We believe in harnessing the power of construction technology for the good of all humanity, both here on Earth and off-world. And while we get excited about R&D accomplishments in the lab, we get more excited when we see our work out in the real world, printing real homes for real people.

We work hard because we know what we are doing can reshape the way we live as a species. And it doesn't hurt that it's super fun. Where else do you get to play with giant robots and see the results of your work manifest in beautiful full-scale buildings that didn't exist before—and that someone can now call home?